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Need some training on your new mobile apps? Great! The videos below will take you through a walk through for each app. If you need further training or want us to do a more comprehensive training for your brokerage, we would love to help. Contact our marketing department to setup a call.


Note: These mobile apps are co-branded with the AJ Miller Group Loan Officer of your choice. If you need help finding the best Loan Officer for your unique needs, reach out to:

Download User Guide for Realtors Here (Click on PDF Icon)

Realtor Guide on how to Request to see Borrower Loan Status

12-min Video Tutorial on Home Search / Realtor User Guide


How do these apps work together?

-These apps are fully integrated. That means that when a borrower opens the FairwayNow app and taps the "Home Search" button, they can look at the MobilityRE Home Search app within the FairwayNow app without having to do a separate login.

How do I share the apps with my clients?

-After your Loan Officer sets up accounts for you within both apps, they will automatically integrate. Hit the "Share this App" button from your FairwayNow app home screen and type in their contact information. After they do a quick setup for their FairwayNow Mortgage Loan app, they will have access to search for homes as well. They should just tap "Home Search" from their home screen to instantly search for homes!


What if I have a client who is still shopping for a lender - can they still use the MobilityRE app?

-Yes, they can. Just share the MobilityRE app with them. They still have the opportunity to get in touch with one of our Fairway Loan Officers by clicking the "Get Quote" button on the home screen of your app if they wish.

Can I use the apps on a desktop/laptop computer or tablet? 

-You may use FairwayNow on a mobile/tablet device or your computer. You can use MobilityRE on mobile devices or tablets, but not on computers. MobilityRE is truly optimized for mobile.

Why can't I see the "Home Search" button on my app? 

-Your clients will be the only people who will be able to see the "home search" button from within their FairwayNow app. If you would like to see a preview of what this looks like, share your co-branded FN/MRE app with your spouse or a friend who hasn't yet downloaded the app. [Realtors only] Once you download the app, your cell number is linked with your account and you have your own unique view of all of your deals and clients.

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